Do narcissists fear consequences?

By Rebecca Nelson

They don't fear consequences and are actually shocked when consequences happen.

Let me give you one tiny example to demonstrate this:

The narc I knew very well was a serial cheater during his 25 year marriage (I was not his wife, thank god). He would also have several affairs going on at the same time and even journaled all this! In addition, all this took place in a small town where he was sort of prominent. I don't know if his wife heard rumors - I can't imagine she did not - but she finally read his journal. Equipped with this knowledge, she went to the airport to pick him up upon his return from being out of town. He was shocked to see her there. He had lied to her about when he was returning because another woman was there to meet him. He had told his wife he was returning the following day and was actually intending on staging his return for the following day when his wife was supposed to come.

Anyway, his wife confronted him and he went into such a rage (I mean, what did HE have to be in a rage about?) that he had to be institutionalized. She divorced him, he put up all kinds of roadblocks, but the divorce finally went through.

The point of this story, which I didn't expect to be so long but it is sort of convoluted, is that I asked him TWENTY YEARS after his divorce why would he run around on his wife like that? Especially in such a blatant manner?


So, that's it in a nutshell for people with NPD.