I’m being accused of malice by a pair whom I believe to be severely demon possessed. Once people are very far gone, the Truth isn’t pretty. Where they are headed is even worse. God is reaching out to all. All along I’ve felt guided to let them know that there is always hope, always a way out. I have been attempting best I can to show them a mirror of their present state because I’m pretty sure they are otherwise deceived about it.

I believe that they conjure up a lot of witchcraft that doesn’t get through to me. There are sorcerers who have learned that they were powerless against agents of the Light. Why would anyone want to align with a lesser dark power when God is always extending his Love?

The people who take this couple’s money and tell them whatever they want to hear actually care about them a whole lot less than I do.

This whole campaign has been one of tough love and to show victims that it is right to stand up for the Truth. It benefits the victims AND the abusers. What other hope do abusers have? Enabling them just hurls them faster to their eternal torment under the dark one’s cruelty and torment. The number one abuser is the devil and I’m fairly certain he gets off on torturing those under his dominion.

We have free will. Every effort is made to reach out to all, no exceptions. It is a boundless love.