Why is everyone so obsessed with narcissism?

By LittleJay Berry

Because narcissism is an extremely toxic condition that can fool many people.

If you’re not prepared for it, you can get caught up in a web of despair that will crush you into oblivion.

A better way to explain this is by an example;

A young woman buys her very first gun, she’s excited about it, loves to go to the shooting range, hunting, and general target practice. She knows how to fire this weapon, but other than that, she doesn’t know how to clean it, care for it, and know the gun laws. Just how to pull the trigger and fire.

One day, the unthinkable happens, and she ends up nearly causing a big problem for herself and her family. If only she knew how to properly prepare on; how to use a firearm, caring for it, laws on guns, etc, and what’s required to avoid such a circumstance!

So she starts to study up more on guns and gun safety, she watches videos, goes to Quora, reads professional books, takes classes, listens to friends, she takes in all the knowledge she can so she is better prepared not to harm herself or others.

So let me ask you, why be so obsessed over something like narcissism?

Because narcissism is harmful, it’s easier to avoid problems if you actually take the time to learn about it, and it’s on a rise. I feel that people should always be made aware of this.. it can ruin families.. it ruined my family.

My daughter is in a broken home now because of it.

So yes.. narcissism is a deadly family killing poison that needs to be made aware of.