I am constantly shocked by what I’m doing on the internet. I made a deal to do whatever God wants Fall 2014, whatever that may entail.

I went from being a person who lived to get along with everyone and who tolerated abuse to this.

I pray a lot about what I have been revealing. I feel I have a connection with Jesus. There’s a lot going on but I’m hearing among what most offends Him is the satanic ritual abuse of children. He also has a very, very serious issue with people who use his name as a front for satanic worship! I wouldn’t want to be these people. They’ve been getting away with it for some time but that can change.

I do not know why this has been permitted to go on as long as it has. I’m told there’s a reason and a plan and that ultimately all the innocent ones are looked after by God.

This world is at present under the dominion of satan and his fallen angels. People have free will. God wants to be chosen sincerely. He doesn’t use bribes, lies, seduction and threats as is the wont of the devil.

Jesus reveals Himself to those who seek Him. My project exists to show you what He is doing in my life.