Why are we brainwashed by the media to love and care about the English royal family?


If you scratch the surface, this family is and has been for centuries associated with every abominable action imaginable.


They have cruelly suppressed the planet. Yes, they have been cleverly changing up their PR (public relations) game.


On the fake pregnancy prosthetic site moonbump, they said that all the kate middleton doubles wore this prosthetic to fake her pregnancy and that at least one of them was on BBC. I can’t find where they posted that now but I did post it in the past. Perhaps they’ve removed it but it was there.


Kate Middleton is however featured below in the moonbump fake pregnancy gallery.




SO it is possible that “Kate Middleton” is playing a role along with a team of lookalikes. Many are saying that Kate Middleton possesses under all that fashion and make up, the markers of a male skeleton.




A lot is said about the English royal family and some claim they’re “reptilians”. I was shocked when I first heard this and it’s pretty hard to shock me.


Since I found myself in a sinister cult during 2016, the reptilian story started to make a lot more sense to me. I’ve written about what I’ve learned periodically and I basically view reptilians as a type of demon.


Now I’m thinking that demons do possess certain families. They jump from one generation to the next. They ensure the future generation will tolerate their inhabitation through perhaps secretly transgendering the children.




There seems to be trauma based mind control and sexual abuse inflicted on these unfortunate ones so they’ll become the next generation of demon possessed devil worshippers. To them, lying is a way of life and they think nothing of doing it. I’d venture to say it even comes to bring them delight after becoming so skillful and practiced at it.


These individuals seem to form sham family units where they go on to fulfill the devil’s agenda.


They are careful to hide their ritual satanic abuse from the public and they tend to present as Christians or Jews but they are neither - they are devil worshipers.


I can’t prove this. Just my opinion at this time.