YouTube and google are cleverly burying the content of the people who don’t go along with the official, approved narrative.


By doing this, they are making the videos they don’t like more pleasant to watch because they aren’t marred by annoying commercials.


They are showing the depth of the sincerity of the people who make these videos because they are doing it out of a sense of deep conviction - not for the love of money.


I’m impressed by how oppression reveals itself to the measure by which it oppresses.


You shall know them by their fruits. Wasn’t google’s motto “Don’t be evil” a while back?


Here’s an article containing information about how a black woman cannot complain without being censured about the black agenda that’s being done under the banner of her own people.


I have repeatedly seen black people complain their videos are removed when they don’t go along with the white people vs. black people agenda we see pushed on us regularly. A shining example of this would be the OJ Simpson trial. It’s called divide and conquer and yes, it’s done on purpose.