Why are narcissists cowards?

By Cris Good

You have to understand that a narcissist has constructed a semblance of “self” that is not real. They have been propping this “self” up for many years. They have extremely fragile egos, they are excruciatingly insecure, and often feel painfully inadequate. They are deeply wounded individuals who cannot come to terms with who they are and what has happened to them to cause the trauma in the first place.

They hide in the dark. Because they’ve made it a lifelong pursuit to stay hidden, they lack the courage to face their fear of being exposed in the light. The threat of exposure causes extreme dread and anxiety in the narcissist. Image is everything to the narcissist and they’ve spent their whole life perfecting and shaping it. To have that compromised or the curtain pulled to expose them for who they are would be devastating and more than they could bear.