What things make a narcissist feel weak?

By Gary Watson

I think losing their fake aura makes them feel the weakest. A narcissist can handle the loss of a primary energy source, they’re usually tending their garden and can get another one pretty quickly. If the primary energy source ignores them for long enough, the narcissist may act out in a number of ways but eventually they move onto another primary energy source. But, losing their secondary and tertiary supplies, their fake outward persona, their civic minded shell they present to the world, their giving/caring/nurturing fake-self they have so artfully constructed for so long, really makes them feel the weakest. This is why this happens so very rarely and it takes a very strong, calculating person who understands the narcissist very well and has influence with other people in the narcissist’s circle to do this. 99 times out of 100, you will fail and be made to look like the bad one. But that 1 time out of 100 that it works, it can bring a narcissist to their knees.