This search for Truth frightened me for two reasons. If I got too close to the Truth, I could get persecuted and/or murdered. But I'm doing the hero's journey so I must live with that danger. No one gets out alive and no one can secure for themselves a pleasant death. Safety is an illusion. I've known for years, if they want to rub a person out, they can find us all with our electronics. Living in fear is not a life worth living.

I was also afraid I'd learn Napoleon wasn't who I thought he was. So far that hasn't happened.

What has surprised me is that I'm starting to view John F. Kennedy in a heroic light. Since I felt I was brainwashed to view him as a good person, I automatically discounted that as a possibility. I've always been suspicious of the media like that.

I've also always worked in media.

Thank you for sharing this search for Truth with me.