Here are some thoughts about the Baphomet who may be inspiring the androgynes the media pushes on the public.


I’ve noticed when someone SHOWS on YouTube that a “big gorgeous female” celebrity just so happens to have multiple markers of male anatomy, two things happen:


That person is abused repeatedly in the comments under their video.


That person receives threats and strikes from YouTube until their page is taken down. 


Since YouTube is owned by Google, I am forced to conclude that Google doesn’t want the public to know that an extremely significant number of “women” in publIc life are actually not natural born women. It looks as if they are androgynes. Why is this happening? Why is this information being suppressed? 


I am a woman who has noticed my whole life that the culture that I live in reviles and suppresses women. Now I’m seeing that women like me have been frequently excluded from public life. 


This is not okay.