Are narcissists as soulless and dark as people describe? Is this not overdramatized?

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Narcissists spend their lives ruining lives or otherwise spreading random pointless unpleasant experiences to others around them to impart lessons on

worthlessness and self-destruction, disfiguring people inside, destroying inner beauty and making everything less beautiful

the danger of trusting, by abusing your trust to train you to have distrust for everyone

expecting deception and treachery, infecting people with paranoia and PTSD, training them to suspect treachery behind every corner

the danger and pain of loving, by breaking your heart and misusing you to train you to become cold and heartless like them

the treachery of fake benevolence, by love bombing you with the mask and then giving you cruelty to train you to have distrust for kindness

Is that not soul destroying? Isn’t someone who practices this soulless?

Doesn’t this create a darker world? Isn’t darkness spread by breaking one heart at a time?

Murder kills the body and leaves evidence for the police, torture kills the soul and leaves no obvious traces.

The dramatization is just used to re-enact the crime scene so that you can visualize and hopefully arrive at some kind of understanding of what happened because luckily you weren’t there to personally experience the trauma of it. It may feel overdramatized to you if you think mental and emotional abuse is not real and only dead bodies are real.

What may appear as theatre to you is actually someone’s painful life experiences.