Did Hillary Clinton’s emails contain evidence that she participated in televised scripted drama concerning the intention of tricking the public concerning Jewish/Arab matters?

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They call it political theater for a reason. 

I believe the seemingly endless Jewish/Arab conflict may be a bit more engineered than we are led to believe. Learn about the Balfour Declaration here:



Click this video to watch English government types as they sing about Jerusalem on top of a (Masonic?) checkerboard floor.  

Learn about the English government’s many attempts at planetary conquest here


If the reader deigns to listen to the original source material hyperlinked above - a pattern will emerge.

A letter by Hortense about the death of her mother-in-law/the mother of Napoleon is for sale.

The story of this project is largely about the powerful relationship between Napoleon and Hortense; A relationship that towered over the entire 19th century of Europe. They both ardently fought the loss of sovereignty of nations. It is no coincidence that is was Hortense’s only son left to her care that went on to vindicate Napoleon’s legacy through the establishment of the Second Empire. This letter was written one year before Hortense died. The letter is available here.


Memoirs of Méneval about Napoleon, Book 1, 240-250

Napoleon is still extremely vilified over the execution of the Duc d’Enghien. Listen to Méneval’s witness testimony.


Napoleon also exposes his enemies using the newspaper, Le Moniteur.


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