My Cult Experience.

They dangled the possibility he was the reincarnation of Napoleon so I would work for them as a publicist for free full time WHILE I paid them thousands. While he was having a big gross affair with “her”.


Thats’s my experience with Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady.  Nothing they did was actually really illegal, don’t you find that INTERESTING?


Bombard’s Body Language on the Ben Szemkus NXIVM testimony.

The full analysis is here:

The YouTube version is below. 

This is the video under analysis from my mirror of Ben’s video. It is getting flooded with support for Ben’s courage. People keep telling us that Alex Jones would bring this to a wider audience. Then why hasn’t he? He doesn’t know anyone with knowledge of what’s occurring in the YouTube so-called Truth community? Either Jones is not paying attention or no one is paying attention to help him or Jones is choosing to ignore this story.

Mag on the impersonation of females.

Mag shows how it is frequently the case that secret transgenders have to get frequent plastic surgery procedures to attempt to mask their birth gender from becoming too obvious. If someone is already plastic surgery disfigured by 40, that can be a tip-off. I think it is important to be able to see through this deception for oneself.