A commenter has theories about the True motivation behind the defamatory actions of “former” NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato.

“Wow. Frank Parlato appears to be a major fraud. He has apparently exposed himself as nothing but a shill for a sadistic, abusive sex cult. Frank and his alleged fake pseudonyms are defending NXIVM. His vicious, unwarranted attacks on Ben can only be explained if Frank is working for NXIVM doing some damage control. A Bronfman is apparently in charge of it. Frank is apparently working for them to keep that sadistic, abusive sex cult alive. What a scam.”


You can read about Parlato’s legally actionable lack of integrity here: 



Frank Parlato of frankreport.com and artvoice.com is willing to put his name on actionable defamation to attempt to discredit a courageous witness.


Here are videos showing Ben as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer.


Is Frank Parlato a shill secretly working for hidden rich people? Is Frank Parlato a dishonest disinformation agent? You decide: 





A guest writer operating under the name Erin Barnes has written a piece on the Ben Szemkus testimony about NXIVM.

NXIVM markets itself as a multi-level marketing company.  It was founded in 1998 by Keith Raniere, who was arrested earlier this year and is anticipated to stand trial this fall.  The charges against Keith Raniere and his associate, Allison Mack, include human trafficking and sexual slavery of both adults and minors.  These are serious allegations, and what is more alarming is the silence surrounding just how powerful and prolific NXIVM has become.

NXIVM is not limited to Raniere and Mack, nor is it merely a “sex cult.”  NXIVM encompasses hundreds of business entities over multiple continents, and counts major political players and wealthy socialites as members. In 2002, Sara Bronfman, heir to Edgar Bronfman Sr. and the Seagram fortune, joined NXIVM.  She was later joined by her sister Clare.  The sisters sank their fortunes into Raniere’s ventures, but neither is a victim.  These women bankrolled the expansion of NXIVM into a global organization.

The Bronfmans bring an enormous sphere of political and financial influence to NXIVM.  The Bronfman family has close ties to the Rothschilds, who own over 95% of the national banks in the world.  The Bronfmans and Rothschilds own multiple companies together, including CEMEX, a cement company which owns massive amounts of land along the US / Mexico border.

After Sara Bronfman joined NXIVM, they successfully recruited Emiliano Salinas, the son of former President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas. 

With this information in mind, it came as no surprise to me when I heard Ben Szemkus say he attended a NXIVM mixer in 2007 with some notable guests.  While many people have written Ben’s story off without much review, something about it stuck with me and made me look further into NXIVM’s ties to those in power.  Curiosity has driven me to cross reference Ben’s story with what we know about NXIVM, and I have found some uncanny connections that bear further investigation. I will review Ben’s story, starting with the party’s attendees, and I believe I will show that not only is his story credible, but it is highly important as well.

Ben claims that in February of 2007, he attended a mixer at an apartment in Hamden, Connecticut.  His girlfriend was invited to the party, along with a dozen other Yale girls, and he went with her thinking he could sell marijuana at the event.

Ben says he saw the following people at the mixer:

1.Keith Raniere

2.Allison Mack

3.Nancy Saltzman

4.Sara and Clare Bronfman

5.Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner

6.Disgraced former New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman

7.The controversial owner of Comet Pizza & Ping Pong, James Alefantis

8.Porn star Stormy Daniels

This seems like an odd crew of people to be in the same place, but when you examine each one in light of the powerful connections of the Bronfman sisters, Ben’s story starts to make a lot of sense.

Raniere, Mack, Saltzman and the Bronfman sisters comprise the leadership of NXIVM, so it stands to reason that they would have been at the party.

In 2007, Anthony Weiner was a Congressman.  He is currently serving a term for sending sexually explicit text messages to a minor, and this is not his first offense.  To think that he would be attracted to a sex cult run by politically powerful people is not much of a stretch. 

In 2007, Eric Schneiderman was a New York State Senator.  He became the Attorney General of New York in 2011, and was suspected of overlooking criminal complaints against NXIVM.  He recently resigned as Attorney General over strange sexual allegations made by multiple past partners, including statements that he would physically abuse his sexual partners and call them his slaves.  Some of Schneiderman’s notable donors include Edgar Bronfman Sr. and George Soros.

James Alefantis is one of the central figureheads of the “pizzagate” scandal that broke after Wikileaks released the hacked emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.  Podesta’s emails, when combined with Comet Ping Pong’s disturbing Instagram posts and the Podesta’s known proclivities for collecting art that depicts, among other thing, sexual deviancy and cannibalism, led to the theory that Alefantis played a large role in trafficking children for sexual purposes in Washington, D.C.  Regardless of whether or not one believes this theory, Alefantis was listed as the 49thmost powerful person in D.C., and his ex-boyfriend, David Brock, runs Correct the Record, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC.

Stormy Daniels claims she had a consensual affair with Donald Trump in 2006, and he subsequently paid her to remain silent.  Trump denies the allegations.

The connections between these guests all come back to powerful politicians and sex crimes. This is not so random an assortment as some would suggest.

Ben mentions that he overheard conversations at the party about recruiting the Yale girls to serve as nannies for young children.  He says that Raniere wanted to teach the girls seven different languages so that they could teach young children said languages.  This level of specificity is curious, and upon further review, we find that NXIVM runs a series of preschools called Rainbow Cultural Garden.

The foremost tenet of Rainbow Cultural Garden is that babies and toddlers are taught by multiple nannies and are spoken to in a different language every day.

Ben mentioned that the attendees of the party were made to watch an odd snuff film.  This seems curious and out of place until you read about NXIVM’s Ethical Science Foundation. 

The Ethical Science Foundation is another NXIVM endeavor where women are connected to an EEG machine and made to match videos of extreme violence and rape.  The ECF began in 2007, and Clare Bronfman funded the experiments.


Interestingly, and perhaps alarmingly, the connections between NXIVM and Hillary Clinton do not end with the party’s attendees.

In the two months after the NXIVM mixer, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign received roughly $30,000 in donations from NXIVM members.  Three of these donors were the Bronfman sisters and Pam Cafritz, daughter of D.C. socialites Buffy and Bill Cafritz.

Pam Cafritz, Keith Raniere’s longtime girlfriend, shared office space in D.C. with her adopted brother, Charles Wilkes.  Wilkes is president of the Washington Children’s Foundation, which counts a man named Walter Pryor as a Board Member.  Walter Pryor worked in Bill Clinton’s Justice Department and was a lobbyist for the Podesta Group from 2003 – 2013.  Pryor also serves as a Board member of The Wilkes Company, Charles Wilkes’ development firm in D.C.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned a company called CEMEX that is owned by the Bronfman family and the Rothschilds.  CEMEX is a player within the Clinton Global Initiative, ostensibly helping to develop slums around the world.  CEMEX also donated $100,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

George Soros, global manipulator and DNC megadonor, owns $41,000,000 in CEMEX stock.  Do you remember Emilio Salinas, the former NXIVM member and son of the former president of Mexico?  Salinas worked for a company called Lazard Investments, and interestingly enough, Lazard Investments and George Soros were co-defendants in a 2008 lawsuit in which a Manhattan developer sued Lazard and Soros over an alleged rigging of the $1.4 billion sale of the General Motors building. Odd indeed.

The NXIVM / Clinton connections don’t stop there.  Clare Bronfman was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007, the same year as the mixer and the political donations.

Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, was born in Benghazi and has chilling ties to the Libyan overthrow of 2014.  After the Clinton / Obama led overthrow of Ghadaffi, Igtet became the head of the Libyan / Saudi Arabian trade initiative.  Sara was the US / Libya Chamber of Commerce President.

The political and financial ties that the Bronfman sisters brought to NXIVM compounded those that Raniere already had through Pam Cafritz.  This combination is terrifying and dangerous and should not be ignored.


Here are videos showing Ben Szemkus as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer: