YouTube bans commentary about Mystic Pizza inappropriateness but, of course, leaves up the Mystic Pizza inappropriateness.

YouTube shows who they really are every single day. They don’t take down the lewd content. They just take down COMMENTARY about the lewd content that they are currently promoting on their platform.


Wasn’t there a media story about how a baker had to bake for a gay wedding? Even if it went against his sense of morality or faith or whatever? Yet, so the story goes, the authorities were equipped with the power to force that guy to go against his beliefs OR ELSE. Yet this same “liberal” regime suppresses our Constitutionality protected free speech. As ever and always, they want to HAVE their cake and they want to eat it too.  


Yet they cry we’re hypocrites when we want to expose their rampant “pedophile jokes” which they do so love.


At the same time, they have socially engineered the masses to the point where it is actually difficult to create comedy because they have imposed so much “politically correct” groupthink on us.


Why would anyone consider “political correctness” a virtue? 


See the agenda at work.

The extent of the amount of psyops happening on the internet staggers me.

Everyday I see how tax money is obviously being spent to weaponized information against the minds of regular people. I consider this to be warfare against the masses perpetrated by those who have money to burn.


Psyops are difficult to detect but if you can adjust yourself into seeing them, they become much less effective. A great place to start learning about psyops in action would be on a lot of the big channels in the YouTube “Truth Community”. Some smaller channels who don’t ask for money show a lot of psyop red flags as well. The sincere people are peppered throughout and they are a treasure when located.




Celebrity Photography Stories: The Chloë Sevigny Edition.

I photographed Ms. Sevigny. Someone asked who she was and I relayed her name enthusiastically to someone else. Then she corrected how I said her name. I tried to mimic how she said it which sounded just like how I said it. This went on until she gave up on me. I studied at the Sorbonne so I’m not horrendous with French names. Pronouncing her name is not quite the feat she was making it out to be.

Dan is getting very good at identifying the themes in what appears to be the international witchcraft show.

Dan got another prediction theme right. He’s been talking about bridges going down for months. 


The Wall is another theme we keep on seeing. I’ve always put Pink Floyd into this project. We share a rainbow theme. The main performer in the movie, The Wall is Bob Geldof. Listen to Dan’s videos for a rundown on what he’s seeing right now.

This is a song about a school shooting. Why a deranged gun person would go to a school and start shooting children makes no sense to me yet the media frequently tells this story. Not everything on television that pretends to be True - really is. The mainstream media reserves the right to lie.

Pink Floyd: The Wall.