Mag Says The Bible Is Not The One Thing Exempted From Being Tainted By The Devil Worshippers.

Mag broke some hearts about the Bible in this video but when we connect to that Divine spark inside we can hear the Truth.


There is Truth in the Bible. Christianity is largely a story about God sacrificing His Son like a satanist would. That’s going to have to jump out at people. Who would want everybody believing that God tortured and murdered His Own Son? Think about it. Who controlled the publication of the Bible and put Baphomet drawings on it, coming from England, a very satanic country?

God is real. We can align with God. It’s personal. The devil worshippers want us to think we have to go through them to get to God. They’re trying to trick people to rely on their deceptive media essentially. Everybody has a powerful connection to their Spirit available at all times. Everything they do is to trick you out of knowing that.

Sajady VS. Nygard - The Deceptive Guru Mas Sajady Exposed 3.

The evidence mentioned in the video below is here:

These people sued me and harassed me continually for a year to bully me into silence. I am telling my side of the story that I experienced.

If anyone wants to report me or hassle me, their recourse is to tell their side of the story on their media outlets. Fair is fair.

People can do whatever they want but they can’t force people like me to be silent about matters which I can prove to be True. These predators seek out people with mental and health problems. Then they promise them whatever they most desperately want and then these vulnerable people from what I’VE SEEN end up possessed with demons and suicidal. One person is dead from suicide as a result of Sajady’s “healing” according to this person’s family. If you look on ripoffreport another person said Sajady was deceptive and he was left much worse off than when he started. This account is typical:

Were The Beatles One Of The Most Successful Psyops Of All Time?

As always I may be wrong but I am operating under the idea that the British Empire is probably bigger and more powerful than it’s ever been. I think they hide a lot of their heinousness behind the heinousness of the US and Israel. I view the US and Israel as being deeply connected if not secretly under the rule of Britain.

This latest sham royal wedding appears to be another one of their mindf**k psyops. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a bunch of drama.

If I’m right, in a sense, The British Empire is a massive art project with gillions of other smaller art projects folded into it.

What were the Beatles? 

They were the leading band of the “British Invasion”. The Beatles were how the Crown got their hooks further into the minds of the populace.

Didn’t the Crown start giving them their precious awards early on? That’s probably because they were puppets of that same Crown. 

At first the Beatles were cute. By 1970, the Beatles had opened A LOT of people up to Occult Worship, promiscuity, cigarette smoking and drugs. 

Did they replace Paul McCartney? Most people won’t see it because of cognitive dissonance. They just don’t want to face that the Band which they LOVED were a bunch of deceitful puppets. 

Scratch the surface and you will know the Truth.  

After watching a lot of these Faul McCartney videos, I can see that Paul and Faul were different. Once you tune into the difference, you’ll see it. They had different personalities.

Stormy Daniels Honored by West Hollywood. You Know A Tree By Its Fruits.

I’m not totally trusting the motivations of the content creator of this video. I’ve heard him talk about likes and subscriptions enough that I wonder if he’s out for attention and notoriety. BUT he makes some good points.


Sonny, the content creator of this piece, claims to be on a mission and so do I. The Oligarch Club does everything they can to obscure the Truth.


What Truth? Maybe that they’re a bunch of vampires that feed on us like livestock. Constant war and all kinds of institutionized slaughtering systems may be in place to satiate their limitless thirst for blood.


If you had to kill animals to eat meat, you’d probably eat less meat, right? I’m talking about that sort of thing. They get us hooked on lots of meat so we become complicit in their violent ways. Since there obviously is a war raging for minds, it is more vital than ever to be able to ascertain what’s True. This is how I determine what’s True:


You know a tree by its fruits. 


If a story is congruent, it’s probably True. 


Anything I say goes through those two filters.

The Pope Is Troubling.

Dan uses gematria to show why he believes this story about the Pope might be fake. The story is that the Pope is telling a gay guy that God made him that way. I think we’re here on earth to have all kinds of experiences and I don’t know what the plan is for others, I’m not even sure about the plan for me BUT if Dan’s right and this story is more media BS - the Pope is clearly in on it.


The whole point of this Pope seems to be that he speaks from the mouth of his snake church and, how can I say this?, he is trashing the ideals of the religion he is pretending to represent. How soon until we hear that this Pope who sounds generally like he is protecting pedophilia says that pedophiles were born that way? Think about it. The Pope is echoing the sentiments of Lady Gaga. That shows you something

Dan Called It Again.

Dan uses gematria to trace cultural patterns in public life and his own. Dan predicted P!NK might be selected to perform at the Super Bowl.

Since I went with Dan’s theme gematria idea, I believed that the Eagles were more likely to win the Super Bowl than the Patriots. I particularly abhore being wrong but I still felt I had to put the support of Dan’s idea up on this site before the game. The Patriots looked like they were going to win and then whoops Dan was right again. I remember one team scored 33 points. What a joke.

Dan said there was a bridge theme and a bridge did collapse. One of the biggest themes you will hear from Dan is that of the movie “Stand By Me”.

Watch the video for his explanation about this theme.

Since Dan has spoken about this Stand By Me theme so frequently - many of us were surprised/not surprised Dan got it right again.

The song “Stand By Me” was performed at the sham royal wedding. This just shows you one more time that it’s all connected. It’s just a show. It’s always time to wake up from these clowns and their theatrical ways.

These people look so fake and mind controlled to me. When you’re on the other side, this show starts to feel really creepy. It’s an imitation of life.

My Opinion On Reptilians At This Time.

I have this issue with Paul Romano of Pockets From The Future on YouTube.


He acts in that annoying new age way like he has all the frickin’ answers and he doesn’t. No matter how much he drones on that he does. Yet he covers topics that I am extremely interested in. SO even though I’ve unsubbed from his channel YouTube robots know I’ll probably click on his stuff so they tease me by putting his videos at the top of my list. 


Romano doesn’t interact with me at all. My issues with him are MY ISSUES but I’d like to share with you a comment I made in reaction to the following video.


My comment on Romano’s YouTube channel: (yes I do know can be very annoying):


“I’ve always been suspicious when someone says they have the answers to unanswerable questions. Aliens may be real. We may be under the rule of reptilians. I deeply believe that the supernatural is real and I engage with it. But God hasn’t sent me my “I’m totally right in all my opinions” diploma yet. If Mr. Romano believes he has received one, there is a chance it’s a forgery.

That being said my opinion is, for what it’s worth, and this may change if I receive new credible data-I think the reptilians are demons. I believe these demons inhabit humans - preferably transgenders. Once the demon is living through the human, the demon directs the body how to do the satanic rituals and spell craft needed so it can get what it wants which is usually - sex, money and power.

I believe this class of demons has been ruling earth for thousands of years. I think the last person who really pushed hard back against this group of “royals” was Napoleon. He was slowly murdered with poison and Britain crapped out the story he died of cancer (and that he was unusually short which he wasn’t).

I think the British Empire (which includes the US) and the Church in Rome are two major thrones from which these diabolical monsters rule over us.”

Tanster Investigates: Who Is Huma Abedin?

When I was a celebrity photographer, I was surprised at how often the celebrities seemed to look unlike “regular people”.


Growing up in the Hamptons, I couldn’t understand why the rich women were so tall and bony. I figured there was something wrong with me since compared to them, I was short and chubby. 


My questions about these matters are resolved if it is True that the world is mostly run by a type of Saturn Death Cult that secretly transgenders children.


Under that hypothesis, I can understand why rich men tend to have such pretty eyes and such small hands. Trump’s hands are very delicate and dainty. Aren’t Bill Clinton and Donald Trump quite pretty in a way?


In the song widely believed to be about Satanism, Hotel California there is a line: “She’s got a lot of pretty pretty boys, she calls friends”.  


In the song Lola, there is the line: “girls will be boys and boys will be girls.” They’ve been telling us all along. Now I’m finally listening. 


When I spoke to a witness who says he thinks he may have attended a NXIVM mixer, he told me Huma Abedin had a mystique. I said to him that many trans people do have a mystique. I mentioned how Prince and David Bowie were alluring in part due to their hermaphroditic presentations. 


I don’t know who is secretly trans. All I can do is look at pictures and comment on them based on the knowledge I feel I have right now. 


Napoleon said: “A sketch is worth more than a long speech.”


Let’s take a look at some “sketches”. 


Who is Huma Abedin? 


I know my mouth isn’t anything like Huma’s. The Trans smile is something you’ll see on someone like Julia Roberts - allegedly. 


That is a very developed trachea. To my understanding natural males have larger tracheas than natural women. Here you can see this person goes very heavy on the red lipstick probably drawing well beyond the lips. 


I hear that Hillary Clinton isn’t a ton of fun to be around. Huma would know better than I would, of course. 


I look at pictures of Hillary Clinton and I see such a divergence in Clinton’s appearance that I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that there’s a few Hillary Clintons.  There are side by side comparisons where you can see it - if you possess the courage to go there.  


In this picture, Hillary has the sloping back forehead more often associated with a male skull. Male and female skeletal structures are different. Surgeons can only do so much to make a male look female. 


Okay, maybe Huma and Weiner are associated with NXIVM. This cult is under fire for allegedly trafficking children. This couple has a child. Weiner has been convicted, to my knowledge, for going after minors. The “Weiner Laptop” is the stuff of legend. I’m still waiting to find out what’s going on in there.


At least that one lady on the very left seems happy.


This looks very photoshopped but it is funny to me. 


The celebrities who just can’t get enough of Hillary . . . When I was buying my 9mm, the guy there said he loves Bon Jovi. I told him I went to a celebrity event where Bon Jovi was in attendance. The guy asked, “Was he an asshole?” I said, “Pretty much”. I don’t know why that guy likes a celebrity so much that is a known asshole. Maybe there’s some spell craft going on?


There is a very widespread rumor that this is a twosome. 


Some really long arms. 


I’m seeing a pretty sharp jawline. Women are usually a lot softer in the face. I think Hillary passes for female as well as she does because she has some weight on her. Just my thoughts.


Men and women have different dental palates. Trump for example has a kind of small mouth. 


Long Arms. Strong shoulders. Weiner probably has shoulder pads on and his shoulders don’t quite match hers. 


There’s that angular not soft looking jaw. The trachea is of note also. 


Lots of red. 


There she is below with John Podesta. I have seen a video where it really sounds like Podesta is torturing a child. He is said to be proud of his pig slaughtering skills. I’ve heard that’s what he did while he was going to college. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve heard that Podesta has or had a pig farm? Supposedly pigs will eat bones and pretty much whatever you give them.


Podesta is known for having art in his office depicting cannibalism. They say when he was asked about it he said, “it’s better to be the one with the fork”. 


The authorities obviously see no reason to do a real investigatation on this guy who is at the center of the massive pizzagate scandal.


The entire mainstream media debunked pizzagate without saying how they debunked it. Since the mainstream media (except Ben Swann) and the government seem committed to covering up #pizzagate, I am forced to wonder if they are in on it.


Pizzagate is a scandal where Podesta’s emails appear to offer clues that Podesta was allegedly raping and murdering children in association with James Alefantis who had an Instagram where it appeared he was advertising small children for sale. Podesta was also connected in his emails to suspected satanic witch Marina Abramovic.


If they want to “debunk” pizzagate where are the children from the Alefantis instagram? If those children are missing now, then . . . the implications are huge.


When these people are asked about pizzagate the first things out of their mouths is “fake news”. Okay, fake news, where are those kids? Do they think all they have to do is make terms up and people will go, “Podesta and Abramovic and Hillary say it’s fake news. I guess it’s fake news.”


Has anyone ever seen Hillary Clinton caught in a lie? Cause I’ve been watching that person lie since the 90s. If HRC says it’s fake news, I’m inclined to believe the exact opposite is really the Truth. HRC is openly associated with witchcraft. Look it up if you don’t believe me.


If most of their defense strategy is using the narcissistic abuse technique known as gaslighting against the people who are rightfully concerned that these individuals MAY be raping and murdering and eating children, well, we’re just going to have to call BS on that maneuver. Podesta himself has acknowledged that there are massive numbers of people “on the internet” who are very very concerned that our tax dollars are going towards the practice of satanic ritual abuse against the children of this world.


The Eric Schneiderman, Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin at An Alleged NXIVM Mixer Post Is Getting Interesting Comments.

The witness who attests that this really happened has been filling in the story in the comments.


There is a comment below written by our witness Ben Szemkus: