From the Tanster archives - YouTube

a guest post by Basilisk


YouTube was a nice, cool company. You could find anything there. Then Tanster accused them of being complicit to a murder. A guru named Mas Sajady had been seeking out mentally unstable or fragile people to pull his New Age healing scam on. He put his ads up on YouTube.

Tanster warned YouTube, along with other platforms that promoted Sajady, that he was endangering lives, offering rapid healing without having any education or training.

YouTube ignored her. Then one of Sajady’s patients killed himself.

Tanster posted that on her social media, explaining why YouTube was complicit in this tragic and unnecessary death. The poor victim’s family wanted to get him help. They begged Sajady to let him go. He didn’t, of course. He’s far too greedy. All he cares about are expensive cars.

Then the Tanster project moved into its Truther phase. YouTube was a big part of that. Censorship. A suspect shooting at their headquarters. Congressional inquiry. More censorship. Suddenly YouTube wasn’t the nice, cool company any more. Tanster had exposed them. Then their whole public image was destroyed. That was the sequence of events.