A look into the highly rigged nature of the Reddit platform

a guest post by Reddit user Majorvis:

Sometimes, I try to share interesting work on Reddit. Apparently this resulted in Reddit putting an instant, site wide ban order on me. The confirmation of this comes from a moderator on the r/humor subreddit. 

One of Tanster’s ongoing, reoccurring topics concerns new age conman Mas Sajady. I did a humorous video about Sajady recently. It doesn’t mention Tanster or this blog at all. Thinking some people on the humor page might find it funny, I posted a link to it. This resulted in me instantly being banned for life from r/humor. 

It seemed odd to me that I was banned for life for posting a humorous video so I wrote to the mod asking for more information. Not getting a response, I asked again. The conversation chain is posted below, as is the video in question.  The result of my seeking to have a dialogue with the mod resulted in me being muted by the mod for 72 hours. One thing I found interesting about my exchange with the mod of r/humor was his or her total lack of humor.  

The mod did tell me that I have been labeled as a “spammer account” by Reddit. Though I haven’t been banned anywhere else, r/humor took this as a kill order and barred me from posting anything on humor even if it is not Tanster related. 

I am not the Tanster. The video doesn’t promote her or myself. And yet I’ve been banned for life for posting it.  No appeal.


Here for the reader’s perusal is my ban notice and my inquiries regarding this unusual behavior: 


Here’s me being muted by the mod who did not address any of my points and just reiterated that I’m not diverse enough.  



And here’s the video that got me banned from r/humor: