An extremely frequent commenter of a NXIVM “whistleblower” blog continues to behave like an agent of “former” NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato? You be the judge.

What exactly is fake and what’s real over at the frankreport? Back when I looked at that blog, they had two individuals in the comments calling each other stupid and wrong seemingly the entire work day long. It was toxic and strange.


Then one of these prize fighters would chase after me and Ben for one reason or another.  I felt “my new friend” was trying to manipulate me somehow. Here below is the latest installment in the ongoing saga of what I call, the NXIVM sex slave cult coverup.


This video below is about the other person whom we suspect spent or spends (?) large amounts of time slinging insults in the comments section of frankreport. 

Ben passed a polygraph examination as a testament to his veracity. Ben has ALWAYS kept his story straight. I’ve known Ben (through an internet connection) for almost a year. He has never been anything but entirely transparent with me. Ben and I have been threatened and bullied on several occasions since we have been telling his story. We stand strong because we can see what’s really going on and we don’t like it. Can you see what’s really going on?

Ben says he saw publicist Frank Parlato at that NXIVM mixer over ten years ago. 

Scott “Tex” Johnson is the latest winner of the Goebbels award. 


This is what Scott Johnson was like when he was he was “my new friend”. 

In their attempts to subvert and infiltrate, agents usually end up revealing the tricks and motivations of their masters. I’ve learned so much from agents. Thank you to all on both sides of this struggle concerning truth.