Ben Szemkus has been wanting to say some things . . .

This is Ben’s story. I think we should treat him with respect and those who attack him are exposing themselves. Ben has the right to be who he is and to be open about what he believes was done to him.

Ben came to public attention last summer when many learned that he said he had seen many top ranking political types at a NXIVM recruitment associated with Yale University students.


We searched for the most reputable polygraph examiner we could find to test Ben’s veracity. Ben passed the polygraph and a chorus of internet accounts cried that polygraphs are worthless. The supposed NXIVM whistleblower website by “former” NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato published a seriously disingenuous hit piece on Ben. Countless YouTube shills have been exposed.


The Ben Szemkus playlist is here.


The Matt Lauer Story in a nutshell. 

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