The “Podesta emails” mentions how they operate using “carrots and sticks”

One such email is here. I really don’t know if John Podesta or any publicists associated with him are on my case with “new friends” and “carrots and sticks”. I don’t know if he had anything to do with the unjust removal of my Wikipedia entry.

I’m just showing here that this is how these people talk and think, according to these emails. The difference between an actual human being who likes what I’m doing and one of these agents has become painfully obvious to me by now. I also have fairly honed intuition. Whatever targeting happening these days ends up filling me in on what the other side is really up to. They are teaching me how they operate. This is a master class being operated at their expense and I’m not asking for it but if that’s what they want to deliver, so be it.

I can just feel them probing for that magical lever that will get me operating like their marionette so I will destroy myself by my own hand. It’s so much more fun that way for them. This is why I warn people about narcissists. The only winning move is to spot them early and to AVOID THEM.