Online opponent of Ben Szemkus is representing a lawsuit against Sara Bronfman?

Omar Rosales, the lawyer supposedly behind this action is frequently represented online as a type of lawyer shakedown artist.


Mr. Rosales was the first person to get nasty about Ben Szemkus. I guess Rosales really doesn’t want you to listen to the Ben Szemkus testimony.


 Here it is.


What is it about Ben’s testimony that got Rosales and his “friends” so retaliatory? This faction seemed to get really even more apoplectic when Ben was getting ready to undergo a polygraph examination about his NXIVM testimony - which he passed.


Mr. Rosales wrote a book about the “shaman” so this should get even more otherworldly fast I suppose. 


I’ve been going up against witches since late 2016. You get to the point where you can recognize them pretty quickly. They’re usually fairly androgynous (make of that what you will - soft guys/hard women) After that, I find their favorite tricks are anything pertaining to DECEPTION.