Is it possible to break the spell that they have cast against the people of this world?

Learn about 911. Learn about the ones pulling the strings. I ask myself every single day about how much my area (The Hamptons) was associated with this activity. I see lots of secret societies hiding in plain site where I live. I see patterns.


Building SEVEN (one of their favorite magic numbers) came down as an obviously controlled demolition 9/11/01. Bush Sr. made that creepy New World Order speech 9/11/1991. Flight 93 was a crashing plane of 911 - 93 means Saturn. Flight Saturn.


Some people pointed out there were 77s all over 911. I saw Wikipedia and google change numbers to hide this. Didn’t 911 have a flight 77 too? Didn’t George Bush start talking on 911 at 9:30 am? 93 is code for Saturn.


Controlled demolitions require A LOT of money and planning - particularly in the City. Did they hide out in the Hamptons while their sacrifice ritual played out? I wonder. I really do.


Did they they blow up their own city so they could take the entire world?  Was 911 part of their Orwellian enslavement program for the rest of us which is their dream of peace and heaven? This Empire of Lies and Blackmail and rampant murder is their New World Order?


Is that the deal they made with the devil?


The height of the Pentagon (satanists favor pentagrams) used to be 77’. I saw when they changed it. The pentagon has 7 floors, according to them. Construction began September 11th, 1941 on the Pentagon. They are telling you this themselves below in this screenshot.




77 words.