Theresa Nygard has been awarded a Tanster Polo of Heroism for exposing the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community of Minneapolis.

These Polos are not for sale. They cannot be bought. They are something I have to give someone if they demonstrate Heroism.


Theresa’s act of Heroism was exposing the ALLEGED dark occult alignment of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community to the people of Minneapolis. 


If people want to become aligned with the spirits of the dark, they have the free will to do so. I, however, object when people are all sweet and smiley love and light and they drag deceived people down spiritually. This is what Mas Sajady and Fei Xuan Zhou did to me in my opinion. 


Even though Sajady’s pro suicide program (in my opinion) resulted in AT LEAST one completed death; Even though I almost died. Even though I was (according to much evidence), love frauded; Even though I showed the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community abusive and/or dishonest emails from both Sajady and Zhou - the Harriet Lake Spiritual Community still hosted this pair.


It turns out we learned Ms. Zhou dressed like a devil, conducted orgies and from what we can tell Zhou seems as if (with all of her LIMITLESS aliases), she probably has been a lifelong criminal in my opinion.


Despite the fact that countless women have complained of “spiritual rape” and visits from demons. Despite the fact we had proof at least five state agencies were investigating Sajady as Sajady was obviously lying about it. Despite the fact Sajady was claiming to be a relationship expert and a happily married family man while carrying on a flagrant affair with Zhou. Despite the fact that Sajady and Zhou tried suing me to harass me into shutting up. Despite the fact that there are multiple daughter in Sajady crotch shots - the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community is still putting their name behind Sajady and Zhou.


Nygard protested these individuals.