More allegations of Clinton child rape. Another suspiciously dead whistleblower.

I don’t even want to publish this because these deaths, I believe, are used in part to scare other whistleblowers into silence. 


If something grave happens to me or Ben, at least we tried to fight the evil that is thriving right now. 


What will the cowards say when it comes time to face the Almighty? 


”The Clintons appeared to get away with murdering so many it just seemed easier to just let these crimes against children happen?”


Sometimes people contact me asking me to do more. What we need is more courageous people willing to stand together. I understand the fear that’s been instilled in the regular people but it MUST BE OVERCOME. We are complicit in these crimes if we don’t oppose them.


I suspect the powers that be create an atmosphere that mocks faith to foster cowardice.


Our Heavenly Father has much more power than they do. I believe we have free will here which means we must choose what we will do. We must choose whether we will fight for good or evil or nothing.


There will be justice.