“All dictators are trannies. Guaranteed.”

The words above are by YouTuber Vicki S. Much of my adult life has been related to researching and doing work about Napoleon. This took me to the Sorbonne in Paris because I had to learn French to read about Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense. Napoleon and Hortense were considered a couple during their lives and I really wanted to find out the Truth for myself. 


I’m also someone who has always been prone to mystical experiences. I was always “different” and mocked for this so I never resisted a mystical experience that ever seemed to come my way.


When I was in France, finally able to read French, I read a letter by Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense while I was on the “metro” (subway). She wrote about the death of her adored son, the dauphin (crown prince) of France. I felt the barrier rip between the past and then and I realized that I had written that letter. My arm hairs are all standing up as I write this. Hortense in the letter sounded stunned. She wrote: “I can still hear him breathing”.   


As as a result of this death, Hortense became catatonic. Finally after hearing some music, she became responsive but she was depressed to a deathly degree. Napoleon was so afraid about Hortense that he decided to yell at her to snap her out of it. This just made her sort of hate him for a while. He didn’t know what to do.  


I also have another other big thing with the WW2 bombing of Dresden but I’ll leave that for now. Let’s just say that I do not think it was a “hoax”.


My project is entirely spiritually driven. Countless people have come along expecting they could dictate content for my project. I must appear to be some kind of pushover.  


A few months ago, I heard that I should buy a copy of “In Napoleon With Russia”. 


I hate war. I’m not interested in war generally. While I basically understand the names and dates of Napoleon’s war activity, I mostly glossed over it. Russia for Napoleon was hell on earth which is why I never thought twice about this book before. 


As it has been even excising the war bits, I’ve still done a lot of my research through tears LITERALLY because I am so emotionally involved with this story.


When I started broadcasting “In Russia with Napoleon” all these commenters came along saying that everyone in this book was a FTM (female to male) tranny and it was all fake. 


“The Truth Community” on YouTube looks like it is mostly a well funded psyop with some sincere people here and there.  


I can show who Napoleon was. I will broadcast three memoirs by three honest people who were extremely close to Napoleon himself. Then I plan to read Napoleon’s letters to his first wife Josephine. You should be able to discern that right or wrong Napoleon was always NAPOLEON.


He was a one of a kind and as far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it.


I told these commenters: if you are going to call Napoleon an FTM tranny, that’s fine, but prove it.  


The comparison between Napoleon and Hitler is frequently happening as it has been happening around me my whole life. This comparison is not at all fair to Napoleon.  


I have heard from hanging around this Truth Community/psyop that Adolf Hitler was an MTF tranny. I have always noticed that in the pictures those guys were a bit fat with huge hips (much like myself and I’m female). 


I would never say that all dictators are trannies (guaranteed) as Vicki S. said. Napoleon was technically a dictator (because he was not born to a throne yet he took one) and I do not see how he was an MTF.


As ALWAYS, I could be wrong and I don’t generally rule anything out. 


Please enjoy the Vicki S. case that the most evil men who ever lived, according to the media and all other complicit institutions, were really just a bunch of old Masonic grannies.


She makes her case and I found it somewhat convincing. The Truth has no agenda. The weirdest things can be True. I am not ruling anything out. 


There is no question in my mind whatsoever about whether the power elite are lying to us: THEY ARE. My question is only about the extent of the lying.


They have been lying about Napoleon all along. I am TRYING to clear up some of those lies with my Napoleon Series



Hortense is holding the hand of her oldest son who was the Crown Prince at the time of this painting in 1804. The painting is by Jacques Louis David, the official court painter of Emperor Napoleon.