A commenter on my YouTube channel has some thoughts on “former” NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato of alleged disinformation site frankreport.com — by Jennifer Bailey

One of the things that I find most surprising about Ben’s NXIVM story is (“former” NXIVM publicist) Frank Parlato’s reaction to it. The media has branded Raniere and Mack as operating a sadistic sex cult but given the human sex trafficking and pedophile aspects, along with the religious overtones of worshipping a messianic figure like Raniere, I suspect there is a more satanic, occult like reality to NXIVM.


That makes it all the more alarming that Frank Parlato and his blog, the Frank Report, are seemingly protecting NXIVM. Frank boasts that he is the one who brought down NXIVM. He even sites some recent articles that mention his name, mostly in England. I wonder if Frank is courting the English press because he hopes they don’t get Forbes magazine over there.


Forbes first labeled NXIVM cult-like back in 2003, several years before Frank went to work for them as a publicity agent. Despite the fact that NXIVM had already been identified as a cult in a national journal well before Frank joined them, he claims he did not realize they were bad until he saw them suing former members who were complaining about them.


Interestingly, all the complaints about NXIVM didn’t tip Frank off, just the company’s response to the complaints. Frank says he promoted NXIVM back in 2007 and 2008. This was right around the time Ben Szemkus says that he attended a NXIVM recruiting party. Since Frank was an insider at NXIVM at the same time, he should be fully aware that Ben’s story is true.


So why then is Frank devoting so much of his blog to attacking Ben’s credibility? The stated purpose of his blog is to expose NXIVM and yet recently he has been putting a lot of time and effort into discrediting Ben. What does Frank care about Ben? If he doesn’t believe Ben, why is he spending so much time attacking Ben in such a personal, emotional way?


How does that serve his stated purpose of exposing NXIVM? Rather than trying to stop NXIVM, Frank actually seems much more interested in protecting NXIVM.


There is no benefit to Frank in spewing such venom at Ben other than that Frank’s real purpose is to preserve NXIVM or its backers. Frank is actually ALLEGEDLY running a disinformation campaign.


Raniere and Mack are now the scapegoats, being offered up to the public in an apparent effort to maintain the infrastructure of NXIVM, their school in London and whatever it is they have going in Mexico.


Frank is now actively using his site to suppress the truth about NXIVM, attempting to keep everyone’s attention focused on Raniere and Mack. When facts about NXIVM arise that they don’t want disclosed, such as Ben’s statements about what he saw at the party in 2007, then Frank attacks viciously.


Ben says he saw Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman, Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner at that party, all supporting a sex slave cult with a guru known for pedophilia and seeking children for a children’s program.


Are these the people Frank is trying so hard to protect? The Cafritz fortune supposedly provided large amounts of money to James Alefantis’ projects along with those of Keith Raniere’s. Are they connected?


Ben puts both Alefantis and Raniere at the NXIVM recruitment in 2007. Why were these two the lucky recipients of so much money?


Why is Frank Parlato actively defaming a courageous witness struggling to bring these truths to light? What did the publicist of NXIVM know and why is he trying to obscure the truth with such an intense sense of desperation right now? Who is Frank protecting? Who is he working for?


Publicists don’t generally make money for exposing degenerates. Publicists generally get paid to lie and manipulate and twist reality on behalf of rich people. Many publicists lie to the public so the ones who cut the checks can sit in the background continuing to do whatever it is that they do.


Most publicists exist to enable the continuation of the ruling class lifestyle - whatever monstrousness that may entail. When I worked as a photographer with Getty Images, it was then that I came to view the publicists as practitioners of a “dark art”. The best part of no longer photographing celebrities for me was that I no longer had to deal with the publicists. Once again these day, they are within my view plying their dark and dishonest trade.


Here you can see the testimony that publicist Frank Parlato seems so very desperate to stomp from your view: 






The polygraph exam:



This below is a publicist who is not Frank Parlato. I just want you to get a visual of what a big publicist of right now looks like. Napoleon once said a sketch is worth more than a long speech.