A reader asks Ben: “Why should we believe you?”

This is about that NXIVM mixer where Ben says he saw various disgraced notable types apparently colluding to help recruit Yale girls into a cult which is now accused of enslaving people.


Ben describes the mixer in detail at the links below. 







Ben’s full answer: 


What I am saying is the truth, whether she believes it or not is up to her.  The thing is... I am not some defunct, failed lawyer or play actor I am just a Guy who went to a party that was weird, but I am putting My Good Name and My Credibility on notice for what is really no reason.  There is no money or fame and fortune I could be after but adding a piece to the puzzle of Government Workers and Alleged Sex Cults working together might help to set off a flood of People who might come out and tell their piece of the puzzle maybe We can get some framework on tearing down predatory machinations that are destroying peoples lives and mind washing our loved ones. 

PS not for nothing I have had My computer hacked 3 times that I know since I have been posting My deposition.  I posted My written statement to Reddit and the internet 'crapped it's pants' for about 2 minutes then I was banned from The_Don and The_Congress and muted for 72 hours, I wrote emails to the mods and they said nothing was wrong really... 

The truther community won't come near Me mostly the Exposer Groups like MLM Fighter Scott Johnson, The Tanster, Peter Mingils, Urban Moving, Frank Parlato (who said he thought I was full of shit but then changed his mind), and Evelyn Pringle (who claims People are trying to murder her), have all approached Me to talk about My experience at the party.

Some weirder buzz occurred then halted suddenly, I believe there are some shills trying to keep Me quiet or something, maybe discredit Me but that is fine.  I have no problem exposing Shills and Gatekeepers.