The Clintons are clearly liars. What’s even worse than the Clintons? People who pretend to run a “church” and then they lie to the lonely and vulnerable.

Here is a documentary by Citizens United about the obviously exceedingly dishonest Hillary Clinton:


Imagine if a certain someone were so twisted to lie to the vulnerable to rip them off. I believe this person even used witchcraft and hypnosis (via the guru) on these unfortunate ones.


Then that person cheated flagrantly with a married man and broke up his marriage while they love frauded their “clients”. Then after that, this marauder went around to religious organizations claiming the complaints they’re hearing on the internet about the dishonest guru were really all from the under appreciated wife who was cruelly abandoned by this guru. This is a True story to the best of my knowledge.


There are actually FOUR complaints at about the predators I described at the paragraph above. 

I know these ripoffreport complaints are from four actual diferent people who were harmed by this most DECEPTIVE PAIR. If anyone promotes cons, they shouldn’t be surprised when their name becomes publicly tarnished by association. That is just what happens. Most people are good and they like to be warned and to warn each other about parasitic types who pretend they can help and heal.