I got sued for saying that Mas Sajady is a demonic predator who preys on vulnerable people (like I was). Sajady called me a “slave bitch” through his underling Kaille Padgett.


Sajady defamed me in print saying that I was complaining publicly because I had “failed to seduce him”. I never attempted to seduce Sajady.


Sajady committed defamation per se against me in print and online. He backed down from his lawsuit where he repeatedly accused me of lying. I am still more than happy to move forward with the lawsuit if he wishes to bring it on.

I heard over and over that Sajady and his coconspirators were calling me a jealous liar to those under his obviously hypnotic influence.

I even believe Sajady’s partner or whatever made a sock puppet account to call me a jealous liar. The sock puppet spammed all over my google+.

Then another sock puppet that also sounded like Sajady’s partner accused me of being a liar with an insecurity complex for removing that other sock puppet’s spamming frenzy. These are the kind of individuals that surround Sajady. You can find those baseless accusations on what I view as Sajady’s very fake looking Facebook “fanpage”.

Now ripoffreport has a new Sajady review that corroborates our story that Sajady is a demonic manipulator with seriously heavy gender hangups.

May this reviewer be blessed with all the healing and wholeness that he has been seeking. I hold deep gratitude to this individual for courageously defending the TRUTH.