Sajady VS. Nygard - The Deceptive Guru Mas Sajady Exposed 3.

The evidence mentioned in the video below is here:

These people sued me and harassed me continually for a year to bully me into silence. I am telling my side of the story that I experienced.

If anyone wants to report me or hassle me, their recourse is to tell their side of the story on their media outlets. Fair is fair.

People can do whatever they want but they can’t force people like me to be silent about matters which I can prove to be True. These predators seek out people with mental and health problems. Then they promise them whatever they most desperately want and then these vulnerable people from what I’VE SEEN end up possessed with demons and suicidal. One person is dead from suicide as a result of Sajady’s “healing” according to this person’s family. If you look on ripoffreport another person said Sajady was deceptive and he was left much worse off than when he started. This account is typical: