Part 1 of Mas Sajady Testifying Under Oath.

Part 1 of Mas Sajady Testifying,a DRAMATIZATION . . .

I got sucked into a cult which in hindsight was probably the underworld stage of the hero’s journey.

I’m doing the hero’s journey as an art project.

The ALLEGED Cult Leader Mas Sajady ended up in court because he played the court system to basically make it illegal for former client Theresa Nygard to communicate.

This was all covered on my Tanster Public Figure page on Facebook. I’m not on Facebook anymore but the crazy story is on my Tanster Public Figure Facebook even though I don’t log in there anymore.

All aspects of this story are searchable on Facebook. All the gory details are on there.

Here you have a dramatic rendition of Mas Sajady testifying under oath to say the Truth, the whole Truth, nothing but the Truth.