Evidence has been found that 140 children were murdered in Peru for a ritual.


When I was around cult leader Mas Sajady, I was creeped out by the fact that he kept returning to the subjects of human sacrifice and Peru. That’s when I realized Peru was probably a hotspot of satanic worship. Sajady had also said previously that he had deep connections to Peru that even extended to his past live(s).


Around Autumn 2016, I believe Sajady was making even more than one trip a month to Peru. I also later learned the place he seemed to be frequenting (Cuzco) is one of the most known for cocaine trafficking.


I have come to believe since then that satanism and cocaine and transgender prostitutes have a likelihood of going together.  I’ve seen this pattern over and over.


We were horrified when we saw that Sajady kept targeting children for his programs. That led to me learning the role that children play in the rituals of satanists.