Mas Sajady of Carver County, MN sued me and Theresa Nygard in what I consider his attempts to silence us for telling the Truth about his cryptodemonic hypnosis cult. Theresa won her lawsuit. Sajady and his accomplice appear to have backed down once they saw my massive countersuit.


Their legal complaint was, in my opinion, painfully riddled with perjury to which he and his accomplice signed both their names.


Sajady appears to have no training whatsoever in anything except perhaps covert hypnosis and witchcraft. Despite this, he has held himself out as a something even more than a prophet/doctor/psychologist.


We warned google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple with registered mail legal correspondence that Sajady was using their platforms to mind control and drive people to suicide.


Shortly thereafter a Sajady follower took his own life. We also tried warning Carver County officials that Sajady, who existed within their jurisdiction, was someone without medical or psychological training who was holding himself out to vulnerable people as a type of savior.


To my knowledge, Carver County did not intervene on behalf of the public when they had legal grounds to do so. Sajady was obviously advertising himself as a type of doctor/psychologist when he was neither. 


After Prince died 4/21/2016, Sajady did a very weird sexual podcast where he used his ALLEGED mind control abilities to misinform the public that Prince was endorsing his “abilities”. He also claimed that Prince was a “breast man”. You can’t make this stuff up.


Here is the freaky podcast:


Both Sajady and Prince happened to live in Chanhassen, MN. A year or so after the death of Prince, a person associated with an organization named the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community named Justine Russchek was murdered by the police.


The Lake Harriet Spiritual Community has been for MANY YEARS one of the loudest champions of Sajady in his pursuit of fresh victims.


This “spiritual organization” obviously couldn’t care one bit that Sajady led a man to early suicide - even after the man’s family I’m told begged Sajady to leave their beloved one alone.


Despite all this, individuals associated with the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community were crying on tv and holding marches and vigils and apparently asking for money on behalf of “their victim” Justine Russchek.


Here below gematria teacher Chigozie discusses his interpretation of numerology asssociated with the demise of Justine Russchek.


Another gematria expert named Derek Tikkuri reached a similar conclusion to that of Chigozie concerning the death of Justine Russchek. Tikkuri’s channel has been since terminated by YouTube so that his Russchek video is no longer available to the public.


Does YouTube ever censor Mas Sajady for allegedly committing fraud and endangering vulnerable people?


That question is purely for laughs I guess. 


My point is this is the backdrop of the general area around Carver County (CC=33) Minnesota.


These are the kind of people telling the media about what “really happened” concerning the death of Prince.


Death and Minnesota are big themes of this project since 2016.