There’s been a lot of World War 3!!! out there right now. Alex Jones did an extra histrionic freak out. The Truth Community mostly reacts to what the dishonest mainstream media puts out and the MSM is very adept at setting a tone of FEAR. 

This country has been at war since 2001. This country has been doing agressive things to Syria for some time. It looks to me like Russia and the US have been already fighting a proxy war in Syria.

There is a theory that the leaders of the world are friendlier than they let on. The war that is being waged is really against US people. They want to parasite even more off of us. They fool most of us with all these tv dramas. 


Many of us were very impressed with Eva Bartlett yesterday. I posted a video of her addressing the UN two years ago about Syria.

She discusses here how the liars have been calling her a liar for speaking the Truth. 

Mas Sajady and some of his followers also did this to me for speaking out against their deceptive ways. Sajady and Fei Zhou even tried suing me for lying but we’re still waiting for them to keep trying to hold that BS up. 

It is so important to recognize the liars from the Truthtellers for oneself. 

It is infuriating for a Truthful person to be called a liar, prescisely because a Truthful person puts their life on the line daily for Truth. That’s how much we value it.