Was the pizzagate psyop crafted to hide satanic ritual abuse?

I think the pizzagate psyop was crafted.


The Podesta Emails were real. 


The Alefantis Instagram was real. 


The Pizzagate Shooter was an actor. 


The Ben Szemkus Testimony is real. 


The Caffritz family funded both Alefantis and NXIVM. 


The Podesta art collection shows their minds are beyond sick. 


Please look into these matters for yourself to find the congruent story. All the arrows show the Truth. I’m trying to help you see the patterns. If one piece of data is false - the preponderance of the evidence will show the Truth. 


For how long can they run their spells and psyops to obscure what they do to youth? All they do is known whether they like it or not. There are always forces much higher and greater than any abusive deceiver. Their strength is that they operate in a hive.


That’s why they’re always playing their tricks to divide us. See through them.