An intriguing comment I saw on Reddit about pizzagate.

This is the opinion of someone else but I like to hear a plurality of voices as long as they strike me as sincere.


This comment begins. 


Understanding Pizzagate means understanding Wikileaks...

Child trafficking is real. Pedo rings are REAL. HOWEVER Pizzagate is a HOAX. Do you REALLY think that people who run child sex trafficking rings would do so in a pizza shop in Washington DC? Get real. [My note: I do think they’d need to use a cover.] It was created to target Hillary Clinton and tie her to it. Then they created a 100% PSYOP SHOOTING HOAX with an ACTOR to make it seem even more real to the mindless masses.


Wikileaks is COINTELPRO. It is a GOVERNMENT CREATED HOAX to give sheeple the "illusion" of a resistence.  


Some bits of truth mixed with PROPAGANDA and DISINFORMATION. Anything you see in the media about Wikileaks is a story the controlling class WANTS you to know.

If Wikileaks is real why has NOTHING USEFUL EVER BEEN LEAKED? Nothing about False Flag shootings, nothing about 9/11, nothing about influential media control, nothing about anything useful...It’s a PSYOP.

Look at this list of NOTHING.

Look at this bullshit...

Pizzagate is nothing more than gaslighting.

If Pizzagate were real....WHY WOULD IT BE ALL OVER THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA??? Why would Youtube keep allowing the videos if it weren’t something that you are supposed to see? 


They pull Sandy Hook proof off. They remove anything calling out any false flag...Yet they allow pizzagate conspiracy.

I won’t even touch on that PSYOP SHOOTING by an ACTOR who is supposedly now in prison yet no evidence can be found besides his name listed on a website.

Father of the supposed shooter:

Look at his resume...He is a law enforcement officer who has worked with the ATF.


Here’s another look at pizzagate:


Credit for this work (which I heavily edited) goes to username “phukinitupagain”. 


I’m not sure if Wikileaks is cointelpro or anything like that but I did find some things Julian Assange reportedly said to be suspicious


There are a lot of strong assertions in the “comment” above. As always, I recommend that the reader delves into these matters personally. If anything above is false, I welcome any credible evidence to back that up and I would post it. The only agenda here is the Truth.

My theory (for what it’s worth):

I think Roger Stone working to elect Trump released the Podesta emails.

I think this was a huge betrayal to the Democrats. While the Republicans and Democrats do actually jockey for the upper hand - ultimately both sides are probably secret society Sabbatean Frankists or something like that.

I think because the emails are actually real, people found A LOT of congruent info. to support their realness.

THEN those who run the media, government etc. had to do prodigious amounts of damage control.

Voilà - the pizzagate psyop.