YouTuber Kickstand the Budgie has gotten into calling out liars.

Since I have also felt guided to call out liars, I can say this is what happens when a liar gets called out:


1. They say “how dare you!” They’re good! The Truth revealer is the one who is bad and wrong! “So bad! So wrong!” 


2. Threats and guilt trips. 


3. If the other manipulative tricks did not work, they will shift into “playing dumb” and they act very sad and lobotomized. 


I saw all these steps over and over and over with the Mas Sajady cult crew I called out.  They even tried suing me as part of their “threats” phase but they backed down when they saw I was the one with the strong legal argument for defamation - not them.


Now another “cult leader” named Teal Swan with a horrible reputation for normalizing pedophilia is endorsing this Mas Sajady group who jetsets around from Peru to places where people are very rich even though the Sajady crew (which includes his children) have no sign of legitimate income.


I wish someone would encourage Sajady’s children to acquire actual skills beyond attempting to launch their “careers” as models. Obviously that information about developing actual skills beyond dieting and self grooming isn’t going to come from Sajady himself. I heard Sajady myself many times cooing over the gorgeousness and attractiveness of his own children.


One time on a podcast, the gorgeousness of his own child seemed to bring tears to Sajady’s eyes. This happened during a podcast about suicide in 2016 (suicide is a favorite Sajady topic - Teal Swan is also accused of programming suicide into people). Sajady has at least one completed suicide where the family is directly pointing the finger at Sajady for helping to destroy their loved one’s life.


Teal Swan and Sajady seem like a perfect match. I’m surprised it took them this long to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Mas Sajady even bought a Lamborghini, a Tesla and a Cadillac in short succession. Sajady sure is crazy RICH! When I was around him he was saying he wanted to buy a cruise ship with cash. Lucky guy! All that money with no real job. I haven’t seen proof that Sajady has ever had a real job, a career.


A person from his past told me this is how it always has been with him. I was told Sajady couldn’t hold down a job. And now he’s RICH - still no job.


Apparently reputed cult leader Teal Swan wants to connect her name with his through promoting him to her audience. Is Teal Swan taking yet another hit to her already severely tarnished reputation for some of Sajady’s piles of real job free cash? 


I contacted the authorities about the Sajady cabal’s fraud against the public and this cabal is still flying around from Europe to Peru - back and forth. Lots of travel to the top locales. They live an insanely expensive lifestyle (with a largish group of children to support). What’s their secret to free money?


Isn’t amazing how wealthy a person can be these days with no visible income whatsoever? Just trips between Peru (Cusco City where tourists go for the easy access to cocaine) and Europe and America and Asia. Criss cross. Rivers of money. Nothing getting in the way of the avalanche of cash. Sajady’s “business partner and more” even has all these aliases!


Fei Xuan Zhou's aliases:


Kay Tan

Feix Zhou


Fei Huguet

Fei Dhou

Sei Dhou

Dei Dhou

Feifei Zhou

Sei Zhou

Zhou Fei Xuan Huguet

Faye Z.

Fei Fei

Mistress Fei

Fay Mia

Fei Zhoi Huget


Here you will see another supposed liar cycling through the manipulative options that any liar has at their disposal.