Is this what damage control looks like?

Ben Szemkus saw James Alefantis recruiting young sex slaves under false pretenses. This group that attacks the “pizzagate club” ALWAYS ignores this in their videos.


Why is that? 


They also don’t attack Jamie Dlux and his pedotainment videos.


Why is that?


Jamie Dlux was part of the “pizzagate club” that they love to attack. Was the pizzagate club just pushed and pumped up to be later discredited? Jamie Dlux also appears to have an OTO tattoo on his neck. OTO is the religion of Alistair Crowley.


Crowley, to my knowledge, was the one who said a pure, intelligent boy was the best kind of human sacrifice.


Read Alistair Crowley’s words on the necessity to murder children to be an adherent of his religion. 



Are psyop tactics being used so the power elite can continue to keep the masses from catching on to what they’re really up to?


Members of this pizzagate attacker group have even falsely accused us sincere Truthseekers and they’ve called us psychotic for fighting to uphold the Truth.



Us vs. them is a preferred infiltrator trick. Joining one of their fake prescribed sides is one of their mental traps.


Learn their tricks. They don’t have that many.

The Pizzagate Shooter also appears to have been an actor - just like most of the Youtube Psyop Community.

Here are some excerpts from the bombshell revelations from the email leak of John Podesta, the manager of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.


In these emails, there is talk of demolishing children. 


In these emails, there is talk of killing to the pagan diety of child sacrifice Moloch. 

Look up the Podesta emails. You will find many disturbing allusions which appear to be code about child rape and child murder.  


This disturbing narrative is corroborated by the James Alefantis Instagram which was taken down. This disturbingness is also corroborated by the psychotic Podesta family art collection


There is a whole group on YouTube of what I consider to be fake Truthers saying, day and night, that there’s no Truth to any of this. One of the most persistent in this regard is admitted Luciferian Johnny Supertramp.


Nothing to see here they say. Everyone but them is CRAZY, they say.


Obviously, they bring up none of what you are seeing in this post.



The big lie is about the concept that if something is said enough, people will eventually believe it. “Pizzagate is debunked” is said so frequently without proof across all controlled media platforms that I’m forced to conclude these organizations are in on these crimes. I am forced to conclude there is Truth to what this mountain of evidence is showing us. I’m forced to conclude this media push is the big lie out in action once more being backed by a despotic group at the top of our power elite rulership. Who else controls the media down to the smallest YouTube channel? The answer is: the ones who print the money can bestow it on whomever finds their favor.


I do think “pizzagate” is a psyop that was created to be destroyed - to discredit what the Podesta emails and supporting data revealed to us.


I think the child rape and child murder behind the psyop is really happening. If the power elite belong to an ancient pagan religion that practices human sacrifice this would make sense.


Former elite banker Ronald Bernard says that the power elite are adherents of a child sacrifice religion.


Did you know that the banking dynasty, the Rothschilds, party with images of dead babies of their tables


Did you see the Beatles pose with dead babies, or something dead, on their bodies?


Did you know that high level politicians congregate before a fiery altar to the god of child sacrifice Molech every summer? 


A congruent story is True. A story that makes no sense is false. 


The congruent story here is all too obvious. If you’re looking for even more corroboration, look up Laura Silsby, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.