I’m getting complaints on a Reddit conspiracy sub. We’ll see what happens. This is my position.

This is to the mod who has been wonderfully supportive every step of the way:


Hi, as you know the powers that be are deliberately trying to dumb down the masses and they are hiding True history. You know I am trying to fight for the spread of knowledge and to correct the conspiratorial efforts to obscure the heroism of Napoleon. I have gotten a lot of pushback all over about this.

Many shadowy hands don’t want me doing what I’m doing. Now I’m getting complaints on your sub. I am happy to do whatever you prefer. I wonder if taking a vote on whether my content is valued on this sub would be a good idea. My content, in my opinion, gets to the very heart of real conspiracy but that wouldn’t be totally obvious to people looking for the fresh bizarre stories that have become a staple of “conspiracy” content.

Here is some proof that the dumbing down of the masses is a deliberate exercise on the part of Power Elite. I will always fight this dumbing down wherever I am permitted to post.




I post the reaction to the project because in many ways the reaction to the project is the project. 


I have already been kicked off the Reddit Europe sub which SPEAKS VOLUMES.