Me and Facebook

I was exposing a cult leader who primarily uses (to the current day) Facebook to recruit. On his Facebook, the hypnosis using cult leader would not so subtly encourage suicide. I sent the Facebook legal department a letter through a lawyer saying this cult leader would lead a Facebook using client to death. Very shortly thereafter, a person contacted me through Facebook in despair because his brother had just killed himself as a result of getting brainwashed by this cult leader.

Facebook didn’t respond in anyway to us about this Facebook facilitated suicide. Therefore I was forced to conclude that Facebook wants cult leaders to drive the vulnerable to suicide.

Throughout the process of exposing this cult leader, I was banned by Facebook.


Look up Tanster on Facebook where this all played out in real time. I was sued for defamation by the cult leader about this and that individual backed down when he saw my massive countersuit.

That cult leader supports child rape as of very recently. He’s still on Facebook.

You can extrapolate the True intentions of Facebook from their perfect support of this cult leader and their banning of me. I left Facebook after a temporary ban before they were probably going to finally delete all my content about this cult leader.