As part of my attempt to live the hero’s journey I’ve learned a lot about the new age religion.

The new age religion can go by an absurd number of names - hermeticism, Kabbalah, satanism, Buddhism, the mysteries, Hinduism, yoga, Lucifer worship, freemasonry, I could go on and on. 


During my descent into a cult which I reference frequently, I believe I became highly influenced by demon styled new age satanism that was masquerading as something of the Light. I would say that guru was “false light new age”, if I were to give what that individual does a name. 


While I was having this cult experience, I was perfectly aware that part of the hero’s journey is necessarily a journey into hell (whatever you would prefer to call it). I really felt that a hero’s journey was happening for me. I still felt connected to God. It was as if I was a radio that couldn’t quite get the reception from God clearly because dark spirits were interfering. 


There is always a high probably that the “hero” will be physically killed during a hero’s journey and I was resigned to the fact that I might not survive this descent into hell. 


I was being severely deceived and toyed with by this cult. Finally when these dark individuals informed me of their deception, I had a miraculous deliverance where I felt lifted out of the lower realms.  


Since then I’ve been a different person and I’ve been guided to expose practitioners of evil. My reception to God has gotten clearer and clearer.


This is what I mean when I say people would be wise to listen to their own Spirit and intuition and to see where it leads. I like how this worked out for me even if I have acquired many dangerous enemies who may very well murder me. 


They can’t kill my Spirit and I know that. 


Having said all that, the new age religion can be narcissism itself. A self serving person can go to a new age expo and pick up a belief system à la carte. This would most likely manifest as “always be positive. I am god. My words are powerful. My thoughts create reality. Perception is reality. Fake it ‘til you make it.”


Some believe it when new age “teachers” say the key to “abundance” is pretending to already have wealth or power or a jet or whatever shallow possession they crave. What they’re really being indoctrinated into is the regular practice of becoming a living lie. 


Narcissists love “positivity” as it means no one should ever complain about them and that whatever they are doing is just wonderful - no matter how greedy or duplicitous.


If the new age narcissist has ever destroyed another being, they see no need to repent, that was just “a victim manifesting their karma”. The victim was stuck in that pattern and they signed up for abuse on the spirit level. (This was a favorite belief of my Wayne Dyer reading father as he emotionally abused me during all of my entire interaction with him.)


They mix in so much garbage with new age teachings that it really is full of thorns and demonic traps. 


I will say this outright. A ton of Truth is present in new age teaching. Most new age people that I’ve met really were living a lie and deluding themselves that they are a “cocreator of the universe”. In other words, the big lie of the new age world is “I am god”. 


Of course narcissists will flock to anything that strokes their ego like that. 


Therefore the “I am god” trap is the biggest one in new age thinking. I actually spoke to someone who I saw as a completely sincere new age healer.


This person was exposing the new age fraud, John of God. I felt guided to connect with him. I’ve also been exposing a new age fraud, Mas Sajady - which many of you already know. 


When I say fraud, I mean I believe they are pretending to be of the True Light when they are really a front of demonic entrapment. 


The attached video catalogues new age beliefs which, on the whole, I view as sound.  


A main new age concept is that of twin flames. The theory goes that we were once whole, male and female and we were split. Then we incarnated looking for our other half over and over until we finally find it again. 


Therefore the pathos of life would be largely driven by a search for twin flame union - to reunited with one’s “other half”. 


Another part of this thinking is that a person can’t really be separate from their other half spiritually. A person can only lose awareness of that connection. 


It is my opinion that the transgenderism of those I consider dark occultists is really their attempt to fake twin flame union through cross dressing, chemicals and surgery. 


I do think twin flame union is a necessary aspect of the hero’s journey. 


The belief is that if this union can be achieved, at least spiritually, then that merged pair will have a great mission to fulfill to advance the benefit of humanity. 


The difference between the True Light and the false light is very simple. The false light is full of individuals deluding themselves they are attaining godhood but they are really descending into spiritual enslavement.


We are obediently serving God and we seek God’s presence. I trust that God knows what I want better than I do and I have found this to be True on innumerable occasions. 


I highly recommend embarking on a hero’s journey. It’s our best move in this realm of deception.