Around a year ago, “New Age Healer” Mas “Abuse is Seductive” Sajady and “his business partner and more” Fei Zhou were trying to sue me and Theresa Nygard for defamation.

The two of them may have learned that telling the Truth about a pair of ALLEGED scammers isn’t illegal yet. I say that because I never heard anything more about their total BS lawsuit after I sent them my Answer. I’m the one who was defamed by those two. Maybe they paid a lawyer thousands of Dollars to find this out.


Please enjoy all the baroque details of my case against Sajady and Zhou here


Now we are learning that their attempts at silencing Ms. Nygard also met with resounding failure. 



By the way, Mas Sajady recently announced to the public that he finds abuse seductive. Learn about Sajady’s attraction to abuse here