YouTuber Peekay threatens to expose himself to prove he’s not a controlled opposition agent - or something.

Friends actress Jane Sibbett also threatened to do this on Facebook to prove that she could actually bear children. I was banned very quickly from Facebook after it came out that Jane Sibbett was ultra thin and lanky with sharp cheekbones, big shoulders and tiny hips perhaps for a reason that involves deception. A YouTube video about Jane Sibbett’s adam’s apple also disappeared around this time. Sibbett’s go to move around this time was to threaten lawsuits. My issue with Sibbett was that she was lying about a dark guru and representing herself as healed by him when she was really being paid to misrepresent this dangerous man to a vulnerable and gullible public.


Back to this video below,  Russianvids is on here trying to get Peekay to shut up as Peekay protests way too much.


Nathan Stolpman also says on this video the hordes of people saying he’s a failed actor cointelpro shill are actually “really smart artificial intelligence bots”. It’s because of these bots that Nathan says he’s had to shut down his comments. 


Imagine a world where the bots actually said the Truth. In their upside-down-good-is-bad world, they say this is actually happening.