Just another what if scenario.

What if there are various factions amongst the elite but they operate within a somewhat loosely affiliated dark sorcery cult? What if they share dark spirits and they share a hive mind? What if they consider us, the regular humans, to be their food, their labor and their enemy.


What if within this cult, the cult that offers us our sham candidates for president - what if one side wanted to win so badly that they leaked the cult’s child destroying ways but pinned it to the other faction?


What if Wikileaks were actually government controlled opposition put in place to leak what the cult wants leaked? What if in one instance, one faction of the cult leaked the Podesta emails?


These emails seem to imply through circumstantial evidence that the Democrats are trafficking and are more than likely doing unspeakable things to children. At the very least it’s been fully exposed beyond a shadow of a doubt that top Democrats support pedophilic art, human sacrifice art and Marina Abramovic.


What I’ve heard frequently from what I believe to be the Democrat faction is, “but the Republicans do it too!” 


From what we know about Bohemian Grove, the Franklin Scandal and, well, there have been lots of rumors and ugly connections pointing to Trump complicity with dark cult practices; Based on this what if scenario, the Democrat faction is more than likely right about this one statement?


When Ben Szemkus said he saw a bunch of Democrats luring “Yale girls” into a sex slave cult, you’d think Trump would want to expose that his accuser Stormy Daniels was said to have been there? Ben passed a polygraph about this. 


But no, none of the elite want any part of Ben’s story. 


What if one side of the cult sold out the other side to win an election? What if the Democrats are so seethingly angry at Trump because they were exposed by a faction in their own cult? 


What if now the cult, on the whole, is terrified because the ones they consider dumb sheep (you and me) now KNOW what’s lurking behind their big smiley plasticky androgynous faces?


What if the Truth is the greatest enemy facing the elite of our time? 


Here you see a Democrat flippping out at Roger Stone. 



If we pay attention to them, we can learn a lot. Since they run the media and many of them desperately crave attention, they usually end up exposing themselves.