I think the government puts a lot of time and money into manipulating the minds of people. Truth seekers have a lot of difficulty discerning what’s real. I’m not an authority and I am not always right but I do believe that True stories are congruent.


I was very publicly fooled by Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou. These two people, in my opinion, seem to offer healing but if you check you’ll see that most people end up much sicker and poorer after doing their “program”. I consider what they do an online cult. If I had looked for congruence in Sajady’s story, I wouldn’t have been fooled by him. For example, he was always claiming to be a great family man but he was seldom home. He was most of the time not with his family but instead with a severe plastic surgery person who gave off bad vibes (in my opinion) and appeared to be rather unhealthy looking. Congruence would have shown me the whole organization was a fraud.


Lately the truthers have been sold a story about “Qanon”. The story is that Qanon is a high level source in the Trump administration. Qanon is telling the public that good people in the government are battling all those bad guys out there. While I would love to believe this, to believe Qanon would mean I’d have to accept the facts of its reality. In Qanon’s reality, Trump is a white knight paladin.


White knight paladins don’t lie the way Trump lies. A paladin may be flawed in many ways. Life is complicated and sometimes good people do bad things because they are fighting for the greater good.


I consider Jesus and Napoleon examples of paladins. Napoleon was not as pure as Jesus spiritually but their motivation was to fight evil. Napoleon was a politician who did all kinds of things that he eventually regretted but he was generally an honest person. I just don’t think it’s possible to be a leader without becoming compromised. Many times Napoleon had to make the less horrible decision.


I’m presenting the example of Napoleon, though he was flawed, as a paladin who actually did rule in his time.


I’ve seen Trump lie a lot. I’ve seen him lie about stupid narcissistic things. That’s why I don’t believe the Qanon story is True. I do think that Trump is extremely brilliant at manipulating people though.