Questions my lawyer would like to ask Mas Sajady:


Defense Lawyer (DL): Isn’t it true Mr. Sajady that in practically all your advertising prior to your divorce you billed yourself as a “loving husband”?


Mas Sajady (MS): That’s true.


DL: And isn’t it also true that you have insinuated during multiple audio products and at live seminars that you were dissatisfied that your wife was not supportive of your healing ministry?


MS: Yes, that’s true.


DL: Well don’t you think that’s inconsistent with calling yourself a loving husband?


MS: Uh, no. Just because our relationship wasn’t perfect doesn’t mean I didn’t love her.


DL: What about the fact that you were repeatedly expressing complaints about your ex-wife, publicly, to all your followers and to complete strangers?


MS: Um ....


DL: Don’t you think maligning your ex-wife publicly was inconsistent with your claim of being a loving husband?


MS: Well ... maybe a little I guess.


DL: So you admit you were lying in your advertising to all of your customers?


PL: Objection!


Judge: Overruled.



DL: That’s alright, your honor. I’ll move on.