Questions my lawyer would like to ask Mas Sajady. 


Defense Lawyer (DL): Is it true Mr. Sajady that you said recently you get communications from thousands of women who think they are twin flames with you?


Mas Sajady (MS): Yes, that's right.


DL: And these are women who have listened to your program or seen you live at some event?


MS: Correct.


DL: So your program is leading all these women to the belief that they are your twin flame?


MS: Well, that's because they are misinterpreting what I am saying.


DL: That wasn't my question, Mr. Sajady. Please listen carefully to the question that I ask. If you have trouble understanding what I'm asking, please let me know and I will rephrase for you. My question is, your program is leading all of these thousands of women to the conclusion that they are twin flames with you, right?


MS: Yes, that's true.


DL: You designed your program, right? You are the only speaker in your program?


MS: That's true.


DL: So it was your intent then to cause your listeners to think they are twin flames with you?


MS: No, no. Not at all.


DL: It's just an amazing coincidence then that thousands of women all came to the same conclusion?


MS: Um, well, like I said, they just misunderstood what I -


DL: Since discovering that thousands of your listeners come to believe they are your twin flames, have you changed your program?


MS: ... no.


DL: So it is your intent then to knowingly defraud all these women by leading them to believe they are your twin flames?


Plaintiff's Lawyer: Objection!


DL: I'll move on.