This is by James:


Speaking of disturbing choices by demonic cults, did you see the picture Team Sajady put up for the Children With Artistic Talent podcast? There's a picture of the half face of a child. The child has a very sickly green/yellow pallor. Only one eye is shown, which is a satanic/illuminati reference. Most disturbing is that there is a butterfly in the child's eye. This appears to be a direct reference to the Monarch Program. This was an insidious government program designed to mind control children. Mas Sajady brags about the depth of his mind control powers. He says he can control a person's brain whether they resist him or not. Is there any reason he wouldn't use his powers on children? Why would he work on children if he wasn't going to use his powers? The Monarch Program is part of a vile, demonic agenda that seems very in line with Mas Sajady's practices. His latest "art" is practically bragging about it.