I went to Mas Sajady late 2015 because this individual held himself out as a healer who worked with Jesus. Though what Sajady did felt good at first, whatever healing I thought I received was an illusion.


I was shocked to hear a year later from Sajady’s own mouth that he works with “dark sources” and that they protect him.


He broadcast this not only on a special Trump election teleseminar but he rebroadcast this on his podcast November 2016.


Now Sajady is falsely saying in a legal complaint I’m defaming him by saying he works with demons.


If it’s True, it’s not defamation. If something cannot be proven either way, it is not a fact, therefore it’s not defamation.


I believe I left Sajady’s program infested with demons. I believe I left his program suicidal because of all the black garbage he “programmed” into me.


Now I’m being sued for saying he’s demonic when he said he is himself.


There’s a “church” in Minneapolis that just APPARENTLY loves to give Sajady a front that makes him seem legit.


They have big stained glass windows depicting Jesus.


If they want to be a demonic “church”, that’s up to them. I don’t think Jesus wants to be any part of that. I seriously would not want to be the kind of people who use the name and idea of Jesus to make this world even more demonic.


I hear tomorrow there will be protests at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community for continuing to host this APPARENTLY demonic healer.


I’m so glad there are people who fight to inform the public the Truth.


I experienced Mas Sajady as demonic. Mas Sajady said he works with “dark sources”, a synonym for demons. I am the second person Sajady has sued for speaking TRUTH.


If anyone still wants to pay to be stroked by Sajady in a “church”, that’s on them.