Questions my lawyer would like to ask Mas Sajady...


Defense Lawyer (DL): So Mr. Sajady, for several years part of your bio that you regularly repeated on your websites, newsletters and press releases was that you are a “loving husband,” isn’t that right?


Mas Sajady (MS): Yes.


DL: And then you stopped including that boast in your press, correct?


MS: Well Yes. My wife divorced me.


DL: Ah. So despite your claim to being a loving husband, your wife obviously didn’t feel the same way.


MS: I guess not.


DL: It took about eight or nine months after she filed for divorce for you to stop referring to yourself as a loving husband, right?


MS: A little less, I think.


DL: Isn’t it true that during your sworn testimony in the action you brought against another former client who complains about you, Theresa Nygard, you testified that, in fact, your marriage was bad for fifteen years?


MS: I don’t recall.


DL: Your honor, I’d like to introduce into evidence the certified court transcripts of the Matter of Sajady v. Nygard, Carver County Court, docket number 10-CV-17-182.


Plaintiff's Lawyer: Objection your honor. Relevance.


DL: Your honor, Mas Sajady’s sworn, in court testimony in that prior proceeding directly contradicts the biography Mas Sajady regularly included on his social media, newsletters and press. It therefore goes to credibility and is directly relevant.


Judge: Granted. Exhibit marked defendant's Y32 in evidence. You may proceed.


DL: Thank you. Now then, on page 46 you said about your marriage, and I quote, “over the past 15 years it wasn’t that great.”


MS: Well that is true.


DL: So if your marriage "wasn’t that great” for 15 years, how can you have been selling yourself as a loving husband who dispenses relationship advice like he knows how to make things work with his partner?


MS: Um...