I have said truly awful things about Fei but unfortunately, in my opinion, they’re all True.


In my opinion:

“She” runs a fake church fake charity scam online cult that targets painfully lonely women.


In my opinion:

It seems she used to run orgies. We have pictures where it looks like Fei coordinated at least one orgy for “her” “husband” and it appears that she also participated in this orgy. The pictures appear to show Fei intimate with multiple partners of both genders. 


We also found an obvious cocaine party joke in the middle of Fei’s then “husband’s” Facebook page.


Before we found this cocaine joke, I had suspected Fei might have had a problem with cocaine because “Maya” says she saw Fei with a nosebleed. When Fei was around me, her behavior was so atrociously bizarre that I actually hope for her sake that the reason for her comportment was something like cocaine.


Sajady’s extremely short and frequent trips to Peru (specifically to a city known as a major cocaine hub) when he’s the furthest thing from Hispanic seemed to go along with the cocaine THEORY.


Cocaine distribution is also known for making it easier to control the person addicted to cocaine.


When I was around Sajady and Zhou, it looked to me as if the two of them are obsessed with controlling each other. They seemed toxic to each other and to whomever else they encountered. In my opinion, Sajady treated me with such contempt, I started to view him as a deceptive a**hole.


It is also interesting to notice that the obvious cocaine joke disappeared from Facebook soon after we posted about it.


In my opinion:

Fei Zhou is in a public position to influence people now that she’s partnered up with someone who really seems to have a gift for hypnotizing extremely lonely women into believing they are twin flames with him. When a woman thinks a man is her twin flame, she’ll do truly anything for him.


This is a cruel most monstrous & diabolical scam in my opinion.


I feel that Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou deliberately break the hearts of extremely lonely women for various self serving sadistic reasons.


They did this to me in my opinion.


According to Sajady, he has been contacted by 1,000s of people thinking they’re his twin flames.


The alleged lewd behavior and cruelty of Sajady and Zhou is relevant. People have a right to discuss it openly when two alleged predators are prowling in our midst.


Trying to silence us is showing that Sajady probably likes Hitler because - who knows - maybe they have a spirit in common or something?


These facts and opinions are relevant to the public welfare.


Them suing me for telling my honest heartfelt, ultra sincere story really gives me that Nazi Germany feeling that I’ve been getting since September 11, 2001.


Enough is enough.