Check out what this hypnotist does to this woman.

To those familiar with Mas Sajady, does this result resemble what he does to people when he puts his hands on them? I’m referring to how people become all loose and blissed out.

It is my contention that if you watch pretty much any street hypnosis on YouTube you’ll see hypnotists getting people all loose and blissed out in a manner that resembles whatever it is that Sajady does.

Sajady has said that hypnosis is level one and what he does is level three. Slick Sajady has his ways of acting as if he’s superior but what he actually does a lot of the time is CONFESS to what he is actually doing.

If people want to buy into his nonsense, that is their right. My job is just to put the Truth out there for anyone who sincerely wants to find the True Light.

I am accused of defamation and lying by him. I can show I’m telling the Truth.